Welcome to Mama Crane’s Cabin! We are so glad that you stopped by. Our family wants to invite you to participate in our every day lives that are filled with Southern traditions.

We have been blessed with a family full of love, laughter, children, fun, and of course food! Did I mention food? How exciting for us to be able to share some of our most cherished family recipes with you! We are not gourmet chefs…we just enjoy cooking and preserving family recipes that are good ole southern home-cooked foods.

I hope that you will take the time to meet my girls. I have four beautiful girls that are so deeply woven together by our family traditions and values, yet they are so very diverse in their strengths, their talents and their abilities.

All four girls are married to preachers and work hard to balance life in the ministry while still keeping husband and children foremost in their daily lives.

Do we have all of the answers to life’s questions? Certainly not, but it is our desire to share our blessings, ideas and traditions with you.

So, go grab a tall, cold, glass of sweet tea, sit back, relax and get to know our family. I hope you’ll come visit often!


Mama Crane